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World Best Wax

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The "Connoisseur Series Auto Wax" is unequaled to
any wax on the market and was developed for the
most serious auto enthusiast, who demands nothing less than the best.
This Wax has been formulated to exceed your highest expectations.

It's not only the shine, but the absorbing depth,
clarity and crystalline finish that shouts out perfection.
The Brazilian white refined Carnauba (46% by volume) combined
with Montan Oils which are derived from the German Coal Black Evergreen
Tree creates a moisture barrier to prevent paint from drying out and oxidizing.

The Ultra Violet protecting and anti-static agent will
give unsurpassed luster and protection.
The Connoisseur Wax is silicone and petroleum free.
It is environmentally friendly, never leaves the typical white residue, and will never stain
your mouldings white.

This wax will be your final search for the finish and depth that your car deserves.


Massage onto the surface, thin coats with an
applicator pad or the palm of your bare hand in a
back and forth motion. Apply in small sections that will
allow 30-45 seconds of stand time. Meticulously buff the
area with a micro-fiber towel.

Multiple layers of Connoisseur Wax will provide extra depth,
shine and protection without buildup or hazing.

Note: The use of World's Best Wax "Surface Cleanse" or "Clay Cleanse"
or a combination of both, before your wax application will enhance
the depth and clarity of the finish. Surface or Clay Cleanse will remove any pollution buildup and old petroleum based waxes from the surface prior to waxing.

MSRP: $46.95 3oz Bottle (20 Applications)
MSRP: $99.95 6oz Bottle (40 Applications)