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  • Image of NEO BIG BRAKE KIT
  • Image of NEO BIG BRAKE KIT

Neo Motorsport Big Brake Kit
Track Proven.

*Aggressive stopping power
*Advanced cool n' quiet air-flow technology
*Improved vehicle dynamics under load
*Ultra-light weight forged aluminum caliper construction
*Two-piece rotor design provides reduced rotating mass
*Traditional drilled and slotted proprietary NEO moon-cut solid rotor design


All NEO calipers are made from ultra-high strength forged 6061 alloy aluminum, the same material used in today NASCAR racecars. The ultra-light weight construction decreases unsprung mass while the increased rigidity allows both higher clamping force and incredibly consistent pedal response. It features differential bore pistons to optimize car control during heavy braking. External hydraulic pipe design keeps the brake fluid temperature low by utilizing air-flow technology to increase the efficiency in heat dissipation. The result is a significantly lowered operating temperature of the caliper and a more balanced brake pressure to ensure vehicle stability. NEO Brake Systems are designed to meet your heavy duty braking needs in both road and track applications. At NEO, we test our products thoroughly on the road and on the track to bring you the confidence you need in your everyday road driving.

Brake Pads

NEO has developed a high performance, Taiwan-manufactured pad to match the upgraded performance of the brake system. Our brake ceramic pads are made from organic materials that are environmentally friendly. The Performance Silver pads are designed for everyday use without the need to change your brake pads for weekend track use. Our Performance Gold race pads are full carbon ceramic. It provides aggressive braking power with low brake noise and dust level. Our friction material is a special composite that is designed for NEO’s specific purpose. Under the Japanese Industrial Standard testing, our silver and gold pads both achieve consistent 0.51μ and 0.60μ in operating temperature range up to 662 degree F. It is capable of sustaining a high coefficient of friction over a wide temperature range for all kinds of high performance road and track applications.


Lower rotational mass. Two-piece rotor design is generally 12-16% lighter than one piece design
Cooler Disc Surface. Ventilation holes between the hat and the disc to air cool the disc surface
Full Sliding Design. Prevents warping or cracking from high heat and high stress. Rotor Disc can expand and contract freely while the hat remains stress free.
Fully changeable rotor ring to reduce running cost in high demand racing applications.
Two choices of Rotor Rings. Drilled and Slotted or Moon Cut Solid Rotor (Race Rotor)

Recommended for the Scion FRS, Subaru BRZ, Toyota GT86 and more!
Email us for custom application at clubstore@brzworld.ca

NEO Big Brake Kit Specs


F401 38-38 330x32
F403 36-32-28 330x32
F502 38-36-30 356x32


R404 28-28 330x28
R404 28-28 356x28

Colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, Gunmetal & Orange

Price: $2199.00+

Please email us for availability for your vehicle at info@brzworld.ca