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Nameless Stepped Long Tube 4-2-1 Header

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Image of Nameless Stepped Long Tube 4-2-1 Header
  • Image of Nameless Stepped Long Tube 4-2-1 Header
  • Image of Nameless Stepped Long Tube 4-2-1 Header
  • Image of Nameless Stepped Long Tube 4-2-1 Header
  • Image of Nameless Stepped Long Tube 4-2-1 Header

Product Description

Overview: The Nameless Performance 4-2-1 Stepped Long-Tube Header improves exhaust dynamics allowing for massive gains in top end power and midrange torque for your BRZ / FR-S or GT-86. The system is 100% bolt-up to the factory exhaust or any upgraded exhaust system that is compatible with the factory header.

Purpose: Development of a proper exhaust manifold for a naturally aspirated vehicle is not only about developing something that flows well. If that were the case, all headers would have primary tubing diameters far larger than the size of the exhaust port. The purpose of a performance exhaust manifold is to lay the system out in a manner that has the appropriate lengths and diameters to allow the system to build velocity and optimize sound resonance to assist in the evacuation of the exhaust gasses from the engine as well as allow additional tuning that will achieve gains otherwise unavailable with the alternatives on the market.

Unique Design Features: The biggest variation between our 4-2-1 header and the competition is the use of as much of the space in the engine bay possible in order to achieve the proper primary and secondary tube lengths. Additionally, we are the only company who has publicly iterated through the development process over the course of a year including 7 different designs, tuning for each and sharing the results. This gives you the peace of mind that the design you have chosen has gone through a full quality review and full gamut of research and development. This R&D has resulted in fine tuning of both the appropriate diameters for the primary and secondary tubing, as well as the appropriate choke diameter for the tertiary collector and its optimal internal profile.

Construction Technology: In addition to the unique design features noted above, the header is entirely mandrel bent (initial photos show fabricated version rather than the unique mandrel bent final version which has far less weld count) out of T304 Stainless Steel. The merge collectors are batch sorted, matched and hand fitted/welded for optimal gas merge and anti-reversion dynamics. The entire system is hand tig welded by expert craftsmen and is accomplished on a proprietary fixture which features a plumbed water jacket and argon pass-through for full gas shielding inside the entirety of the manifold. The water jacket system bolts to the flanges and rapidly dissipates heat during the welding process, ensuring a perfectly flat surface upon completion, while the gas shielding produces a perfect full-color weld inside and outside the tubing. Flanges are 1/2" Billet T304 Stainless, CNC Machined for flatness and counter-bored for perfect transition from the exhaust port to the primary tubing.

Part# NAM421


Scion FR-S
Subaru BRZ
Toyota GT86